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Islamic Circle Of Japan Holds Seerah Conference In Tokyo


Today, Islamic Circle of Japan held the annual  Seerah Conference at in Funabori, Tokyo. It was attended by large number of Muslims living in and around Tokyo. For more than two decades since its establishment, Islamic Circle of Japan is organizing Seerah Conference in Japan every year and this is one of the important programs […]

“Boys Don’t Cry”


We really need to stop telling boys, “boys don’t cry”. Boys don’t cry? Well, clearly this is just something thathas been passed on through generations in some parts of the world. But are we the people who blindly followprevious generations? Clearly the answer is no.Let us see what the Sunnah (the way) of the Prophet […]

First-Ever Islamic Finance Institute Established In Japan


Hitech Solutions, a privately held company based in Tokyo, has announced the establishment of the first-ever institution of academic excellence in the field of Islamic Banking & Finance called the Japan Institute Of Islamic Finance in Tokyo, Japan. Starting in January, 2015, the institute will offer certificate courses in Islamic Finance, Islamic Insurance (Takaful) and […]

Why Dawah Work In Japan Is Slower Than Expected?


The 9/11 events created lot of hatred, suspicions and Islamophobia among the public in Japan.  The international media launched a massive campaign to distort or vilify the mainstream Islam and the Muslims all over the world.  Japanese media also followed the suit and painted the same picture of Muslims and Islam as generated by the […]

How To Introducce The Culture Of Execution Among Muslims In Japan


This post may be off the mark from the overall theme of this website. However, this is the number one reason I have observed people failing and not getting their desired results due to absence of any type of execution strategy for the tasks they need to do in their daily lives and as members […]

Celebrating Eid In Japan


I have been celebrating Eids in Japan for the last so many years now.  I got a chance to live in many parts of the country, and, thus, was lucky to meet and greet so many wonderful folks from so many different backgrounds and cultures. On every occasion, I end up meeting with some new […]

Spread The Word About Quran In Japanese


The reason we started this website was to spread the peaceful message of Allah to the humanity. Alhmadulillah, we have made some good progress on this front. We have been able to freely distribute  the copies of the Quran plus some other related books about the basics of Islam to people from all corners of […]

Importance of Islam Beyond Global Halal Business


There has been a surge of businesses all around the world to tap into the rapidly-growing Halal market in the world. Many Japanese & global multinationals as well as small to medium sized business all over the globe have been entering into this market to get a pie of the ever-growing market.  Most of these […]

Eid Greetings


  Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim brothers and sisters and well wishes to other brethren in humanity all over the world.  It is so easy to forget about the sufferings and pain others are having while celebrating Eid and/or other religious/non-religious occasions. This day of  festivities should remind us the poverty, injustice, torture and […]

Demonstration To Be Held In Tokyo Against Israeli Crimes


Generally speaking, we do not get into politics at least on this website. However, the following appeal was one we simply could ignore. Please read on as it is important for all of us to do whatever legal way we can to stop Israel to commit such crimes against humanity. 18th July Demonstration Against Israel Muslim […]

Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo Distributing Free Dates


The Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo is distributing  Dates “tamr-kajur”, during the month of Ramadan, for Individuals ,Masajid, Musalas and Islamic Associations. But the condition is the address should be within Japan. No international deliveries please. Please send the following information  needed to fax number: 03-3404-8622. Attn: Abuwalid 1)  Category: Individual Name:  – Masjid Name: – Musalah […]

Allowing Non-Muslims To Enter Into Mosques In Japan


In Masjid ul Haram or Masjid Nabawi in Mecca and Madina respectively, we can justify banning of the non-Muslims to enter into these Holy mosques.  However, in japan and all the countries including Muslims and non-Muslims alike, there is no solid reason for us to ban the non-Muslims from entering into the mosques.  We need […]

Ramadan In Japan


This is the image of Iftar in Tokyo Masjid or Turkish Mosque whatever you would like to call it.  It was taken by someone for japantoday.com website. This shows people taking their iftar yesterday (June 29).  An interesting phenomenon about the iftar dinners in Tokyo Masjid is that even, many non-Muslim Japanese also join for […]

Ramadan Starts In Japan


We, at WWW.JapaneseMuslims.com, heartily want to extended our greetings on the occasion of the start of Ramadan 1435 in Japan and many other Muslim countries on Sunday.  May this Ramadan bring you theutmost in peace and prosperity not only in this world but also in the world hereafter.  On this great occasion, let’s not forget […]

Are Some Of Us Polluting The Halal Industry?


Tokyo, the most hitech-city on the face of the earth, features quite a few restaurants which claim to be serving ‘Halal dishes. And, some of them, actually, do serve these dishes to their Muslim customers as well as to the non-Muslim guests. However, unfortunately, most of them still offer alcohol and other pollutants to their […]

2nd International Symposium Held On Food Halalness


The “Gurunavi” Endowed Chair in Future Food at Tokyo Institute Of Technology invited six experts from Brazil, New Zealand, the United States, France, Great Britain and Malaysia to give lectures on “Religious Norm and Food Business: a Global Perspective”. The purpose of this symposium was to give Japanese audience a glimpse of food business related […]

Why Some of The Halal Restaurants Are Actually NOT Halal At All


Recently, I got hold of a Muslim-friendly Guidebook published by the Japan Tourism Agency.  A large number of restaurants were listed as ‘Halal’ in that guidebook. As our mission is to list up all the Halal restaurants operating in Japan on our website, I decided to visit all of them. It has been only few days […]

Interview With First Japanese Halal Soy Sauce Maker CEO


A former castle town flanked by Mt. Zao to the east and Mt. Gassan to the west, Yamagata is a city steeped in historical legacy, cultural tradition and rich natural beauty all year round. You could find history, culture and its liveliness whereever you go in Yamagata.  These were my first impressions when I visited […]

Nature Of Tarbiyyat Camps In Japan


Recently, I got an opportunity to attend a one-day Tarbiyyat Camp near Tokyo which was organised by an Islamic organisation which has strong roots in the country of their origin.  Alhamdulillah, it was a nice, well-organised program and I enjoyed participating in it. People from far of place of the country came to attend the […]

How To Find Halal Food In Japan


Day in and day out, we get so many requests on how and where to find halal food in japan. These questions are, especially raised by Muslim visitors whoa re either visiting the countries or have plans to visit for business, family, recreation or any other purposes.  Instead of answering our visitors individually, we have […]