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Welcome to the Japanese Muslims website.  It seeks to improve the quality of Muslim life in Japan and elsewhere by providing information important to them. The Web site is targeted mainly to the Japanese Muslims,  Muslims from other countries, regions living in Japan, not yet Muslims and their families. The basic aim of the Web site is to

  • Enhance the spiritual and religious development of Muslims by offering balanced and moderate teachings of Islam
  • Spread the light of Islam which is so much needed in Japan and elsewhere
  • Teach Quran to the Muslim kids and adults living in Japan
  • Provide a comprehensive source of information on Muslim life in Japan to the Muslims of all countries, regions living in Japan
  • List up news, events related to the Muslims living in the country.

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  • Contribute articles and stories of interest to spread the universal and peaceful message of Islam

Please feel free to give your suggestions/comments on the scope of the Web site, the topics you would like to be covered on the site or any ideas you may want to share with us which could be of interest to the Muslims living in Japan.


  1. Amal FAthy says

    First of all I would like to Say Happy Adha Eid to All human race and to Japanes Muslims
    I am an egyptian Musulim , I would like to support Japanese muslims as much as I can
    SO I offer any japanese muslim or not muslim but inerrested to study islam to visit Egypt Cairo , and my support is to offer an honest friendship accompany and Muslim brotherhood and guide to different islamic areas and mousques without any payment , just contact me and I ask Allah to help me help japanese muslim brothers

    • Maz says

      Assala mu Alaikum FAthi,

      I am wondering if you could help me to find a good Japanese Muslim girl from Japan for my son to have reletionship with. He is a good Muslim and lives in Japan now.
      Jazak Allah Khairan May Allah bless you . Salaams.

      • admin says

        Walaikum Assalam,

        Although, we can not directly introduce a good Japanese Muslim lady who would be interested in marrying a foreign Muslim national, we would recommend your son to visit any local Masjid near him or else he could contact us directloy for a clue which Mosques could help him find him a good Muslima.

  2. says

    i want to tell evry one that islam is the best Religion and you must believe tha there is only one gad in these world is allah

    • Mohamed Achraf MEFTAH says

      it was a good surprise for me to discover that there is muslims and Islam in japan, i hope that allah help you to spread Islam and the Sunna of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

  3. Fathima says

    I am a born Muslim lady living in America.I like to have young Japanese muslim girls to keep friendship with them to learn about Japan and the muslims in Japan.I like to visit Japan one day insha Allah. i like to correspond with new muslims or who want to become a muslim.pls.send me an e-mail.Thank you.


  4. Mohammed says

    salam alikum

    is there any sponsership programme for any japanese muslim who willing to learn islam and become a scolor or any level depend on his abilities or sponser an orphen

    if any information that would be very helpful

    • admin says

      Walaikum Assalam,

      For the time being, I do not know any such program.

      Inshallah, hope you will be able to ind one that suits th needs you are loking for.

      Wassalamu alaikum

      Maqsood Ahmed

  5. says

    I am a Canadian Muslim,I am retired senior chemistry and science high school teacher,I can come and stay in wonderful Japan so I can teacher my brothers and sisters the language of the holy Quran,I mean Arabic and I also willing to teach them English and they can help me learn Japanese because I love everything about Japan including their modesty and politeness and decency,I used to have a very dear friend from Japan when I was living in USA,please help me to do some thing good may Allah(SWT) reward me for doing it,don,t worry about paying me any money I will do that for free,because I have my pension from Canada

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